Hello to Rose-Coloured Glasses Month


Willy Wonka, eat your heart out.

We did it. Holy good moly and golden tickets, February is here. If January was Commitment Month and focused on resolution-setting and self-improvement betting, then this is the month that will be about happiness and love, in case you hadn’t guessed yet.

February – on Not A Rose Girl – and off it, too – will be about seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses in hopes of welcoming a happier energy.

We’ll be marveling in the last few snowfalls just before the first signs of spring appear, hopefully; indulging in the last of cozy winter outfits with oversized sleeves, furry slippers and hot chocolates hunkered down by the fireplace. We think seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses really does make the world a better place: The reds are incredibly red, the greens lush, the blues truly electric.

In a month that is marketed towards Hallmark cards and romantic dinners for two, it’s easy to get pulled down by the “regular” side of life – especially if you find yourself solo, or in an unhappy coupling. Could we instead choose to think of Valentine’s Day (and the month of February) as a beautiful opportunity to celebrate love, no matter what form you're experiencing it in currently? After all, love actually is the one thing that connects us all as human beings, regardless of it being romantic love or not.

Psychology Today notes, “While it isn't always possible to ignore the uglier side of life, focusing on the positive things around us can be a vital part of staying happy and overcoming the inevitable dark moods that we all experience. Looking at the world through ‘rose-coloured glasses’ can have important benefits for all of us.”

Of course, not all fool’s gold can be polished into 24k but there’s something about the act of practicing your buffing that makes it easier to see where the bright sides are already trying to shine.

The added rosy hue of the holiday doesn’t hurt, either.

In February, Not A Rose Girl will cover the rosy-coloured spectrum, from loving ourselves to examining how women deal with issues in their relationships (beyond the prescription “talk to your partner”); and non-romantic love, such as how to celebrate and spread love like a child on Valentine’s Day. Next week I’m publishing a story about childhood Vday traditions moms had growing up, and how we’re passing these on to our own kids. How do you pay attention to the world around you, and can we train ourselves to focus on positive stimuli? Join us in looking at things through rose-coloured glasses this month!

Do you love Valentine’s Day, or are you more just waiting for the discounted chocolate on February 15th?

And if you’d like to sound off on your fave Vday candy below, by all means!