His and Hers: Couples Holiday Party Style (and Giveway)


You know the feeling when you’ve been thinking all day about the delicious leftovers you’re going to devour for dinner, only to head to the fridge and find that someone (husband, ahem) got to it first? It’s kinda like that with my fave JORD wood watch. Last month my husband met me out at a school event and I caught a glimpse of the watch under his cuff. I’d been looking for my JORD Frankie & Ebony watch for some time, but couldn’t find it and now I know why: my husband stole my watch. It’s clear he loves the simple sophistication of the dark ebony wood as much as I do, because he admitted to devotedly wearing my watch to work every day, of course, after adding on the extra links that came with it.

When JORD reached out to me about collaborating again, this time on a HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY valued at $139 to use on any watch, I thought it’d be fun to share a few tips on his and hers holiday style – all the way down to matching watches. JORD offers a stunning selection of premium wood timepieces that are handcrafted from 13 types of natural wood. The men’s watches and women’s watches are perfect for yourself or as a unique holiday gift to give. Simply head to my giveaway page here to enter (it takes just two minutes!) and then read on for some festive tips on how to coordinate with your S.O. this holiday season. Are you ready for all the holiday parties? Bring on the eggnog!

4 Tips on How to Style His and Hers Holiday Outfits

1. Dress for the occasion. This is my number one style tip. People are too casual these days, in my opinion, and the holidays are a perfect time to get gussied up once in a blue moon and be merry while you sip on rosé and champagne or dance under the mistletoe.

2. Play with subtle color accents. Nix the traditional holiday red and green and opt for more subtle colors like pink or burgundy mixed with off-white, gold and black.

3. Incorporate interesting textiles and textures. Layer on the faux fur, beads, sequins, wool, tweeds (and a wood watch), oh my! I’m wearing a sheer black tulle skirt with a subtle shimmery gold lining, and I’m taking it to full holiday level with a sparkly, multi-colored beaded top. The Husb is wearing a pink dress shirt under his jacket, which goes with the pink accents in my top.

4. Choose well-tailored separates for him and silhouettes for her. If you wear well-fitting pieces, you can ditch the frills like ties and still look put together with minimal effort.


I love being able to learn about items I use, wear, and consume. JORD details each watch on their website, including the type of wood and where it’s found, sustainability, movements, and glass. Our Frankie Ebony & Gold wood watch is made with ebony from East Africa. Fun fact: the hardness of ebony can make it challenging to work with so JORD craftsmen routinely check and sharpen tools to reduce pulling and poor edging. Did you know that a great majority of the wood used comes from either fallen trees or furniture remnants? There are also stringent environmental safeguards in place; all JORD watches are treated with natural substances, no hazardous chemicals – not only for the sake of the environment, but for those who work on the watches! The watches are conditioned with natural tung oil. That’s it!

JORD wood watches feature exquisite craftsmanship, personalized engraving and sizing. Don’t forget to enter my JORD watch giveaway valued at $139 to use on any watch! (Hint: the $139 covers the entire cost of the Fieldcrest watches.) Contest closes on December 23 so be sure to enter now. Until then, here’s to all the very merry holiday parties and gatherings you’ll have with loved ones!


Thank you to JORD for partnering on this post! All opinions are my own.