In Like a Lion + End of Winter Style Tips


If March comes in roaring like a lion, surely it will go out a docile lamb… right?

Fingers crossed anyway, because the first week of March brought us in NJ/NYC 4 inches of snow, hail, and school delays – not to mention, prolonged cracked hands and feet. My Weather app says we’re getting snow again next week just as soon as I’d hopefully packed up my winter threads the same time I changed my clocks.

“Snow day tomorrow! Lemme guess, you are annoyingly happy about it.”

As the snow started coming down that night last week, I got the above text from a mom friend on our late-night group text, which made me laugh. She’s right. I guess I’m one of those odd ducks who love it when it snows. Even if that snow storm happens when we’re already four days into March. Even if that snow storm means school will be cancelled and I have to referee in-home fighting x 3. (Actually, I prefer this because then I don’t need to deal with waiting on buses in inclement weather.) And even if that means I have to layer up three children to play in the snow again.

When March starts, it’s still winter, and by the end of the month spring begins. True, in many places the weather hasn’t quite reached the docile lamb stage by the end of the month—it’s more like a bad-tempered cat, maybe, or one of those annoying territorial honking geese. But you get the idea – weather-wise, this usually means a false spring, which can make getting dressed difficult to do.

But don’t despair! In the spirit of making the most of these next few chilly weeks, here are my fave end-of-winter style tips to get you through to spring.

1. Add a pop of color or a fresh spring print.

I’ve talked about how my style tends to lean towards neutral dressing, but for end of winter, I love to inject a bright color or a fresh floral print to brighten things up. Who else hears “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” running through your head? Bring out your favorite spring floral dress and pastel pieces and pair them with over the knee boots, extra tights and a turtleneck underneath, like I did in this date night winter look over here.

2. Work a fun transparent bag into your look.

Clear bags, especially ones with resin details, are on trend right now, but I think this is a neutral-enough statement piece that will continue to look stylish year after year. It feels so fresh and visually lightens up your outfit. (I’m loving this Topshop transparent tote bag for under $50!)

3. Belt a printed coat or blazer.

This keeps your shape cinched (and keeps body warmth in!) and try opting for billowy wide-leg trousers or a midi-length skirt instead of jeans for a Katharine Hepburn edge.

4. Double up on outerwear.

Mix and match here! For a layered, transitional look that will get you through those chilly end-of-winter weeks, try mixing different combinations of outerwear in colors and prints and see what works. Play with a longer length coat over a shorter blazer. Getting excited for spring showers? Take your lightweight spring trench out for a spin, layered under a longer coat.

5. Dust off your happiest color umbrella.

Doesn’t it make you happy when you see a bright yellow umbrella (or a clear one!) standing out in a sea of black umbrellas? Go have a whimsical Mary Poppins moment – just hope you won’t fly away!

6. Pile on the accessories.

Every end-of-winter season I like to invest in a couple fresh pieces of jewelry or shoes for spring. It can feel like you’re in an existential crisis in the throes of a cold, long winter, so some retail therapy can provide a little pick-me-up. I’m finishing off my outfit with new floral Karl Lagerfeld booties (R.I.P. Karl) and the TO THE LAND ring from Kinraden, a sustainable jewelry line from Copenhagen. Made with 100% recycled sterling silver and four brilliant cut Mpingo black heartwood diamonds, the edgy ring design is unlike any other piece of jewelry that I own and makes me feel ready to take on whatever winter throws my way. Plus, ethical and sustainable jewelry is a lovely nod to Mother Earth for spring.

How do you feel about end-of-winter dressing? Love it or hate it?