Radiantly Stylish, Worry-Free Period Protection with Always Radiant


Okay, ladies. I’m channeling my inner Lisa Rinna today and taking a page out of her book to talk to you about something personal: period pads. Not exactly a sexy product, right? When SheSpeaks reached out to me to share my experience with the new Always® Radiant pads, I hesitated. At first I thought, Oh, Jamie. No. And I had a flashback to Lisa Rinna's Depends commercial. Then I thought about whether promoting period pads would be a good fit for my lifestyle brand, and I realized – but why the heck not? It's not a glamorous product, but it's a practical one and it’s a real one that I use in real life. If we're being honest, mom to mom here, we know we talk about a whole lot more than just a little flow – like, who else after birth still pees a little when you sneeze? (Spoiler alert: it happens.)


I’m hoping I come off nearly as confident and empowered as Lisa does even while doing an endorsement for involuntary urination (or period protection, in my case) because frankly, periods – and managing them – are a personal but relatable topic that isn’t often enough discussed.

My mom gave me Always® pads to use when I got my first period as a teenager, so I’ve been an Always® girl from day one. Even though it seemed like all my friends and their mothers used tampons, I preferred Always pads for the comfort and protection they offer. Two new sizes have been added so that you can find your perfect fit for your size and your flow. Just use the online Size Selector Tool, and you can easily find the right-sized pad for your unique monthly cycle/flow and underwear size – perhaps try one size for daytime and a larger one for overnight?


Want more #realtalk, ladies? You need to wear pads after giving birth. FACT. No one tells you that when you're having your first child. But as a veteran mom to three, I'm telling you this is a fact. After you've used up your stash of hospital-provided pads and netted granny underwear, it's time to graduate to less bulky pads. Some rely on Lisa Rinna's fave (wink) in the early days back at home, but as I wasn't quite ready to don adult diapers, Always period pads provided the backup protection I needed for awhile longer postpartum. Multi-use efficiency for the win!


Always® Radiant pads are made with the fabulous FlexFoam™ which absorbs 10 times its weight for protection you’ll forget is even there and gives you up to 10 hours of worry-free protection. With Always® Radiant, I feel confident that I can have a 100% leak-free, odor-free period – absolutely necessary for a busy mom on the go! And of course, these amazing pads are available every day at Walmart’s low prices.


But can we talk a little about those original solid pink wrappers? You know what I’m talking about – that color somewhere in between bubblegum and Pepto pink, I used to feel a little embarrassed like it screamed ‘feminine product’, and that everyone who caught a glimpse of my pink pad in my backpack or purse would know Auntie Flow came for a visit. Thankfully, Always® has introduced new stylish wrappers that will make your period protection products look good! Always® Radiant pads come discreetly wrapped in an artful print of purple floral patterns – it’s playful, fresh, and stylish – and really, I didn't feel silly at all whipping these babies out of my clutch in the middle of downtown. Whether it be Always, skinny jeans, yoga pants, whatever makes a woman feel confident and fashionable, then we need more of it!


While I’m not at the stage in my life or career like Lisa Rinna who says she'll "do anything to make a buck” or "never say no to anything", I do believe that talking openly about a practical product that I use in real life right now is A-OK. Bonus points for getting paid to do so for a product you love. As always, you do you!


This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks.