The Summer of Straw Bags

PinkBlush Floral Cold Shoulder Top | Inveniio Circular Straw Bag | Old Navy Rockstar Skinny Jeans

Every season, there are a couple bags that creep their way into my closet in some capacity — and this summer, it’s the straw bag. Wicker, basket weave, and everything in between, it’s without a doubt the bag of the moment. Maybe it’s that vintage feel mixed with a natural, earthy vibe that injects a dose of summer rawness into your everyday. From structured basket purses to oversized totes, this is the perfect accessory to grab as you run out the door for poolside mojitos with your girlfriends, or dress it up for a low-key special occasion. (Okay, who am I kidding, I mean going to the kiddie pool and slinging back Honest Kids juice boxes, and Chuck E. Cheese birthday parties, because mom life.)

I’ll be toting along this circular straw bag to Cape May next week, when we share a rental beach house with our friends. Not a Rose Girl party of 5, their 4-year old son, and each of our two furry pals, what could be more fun? This gorgeous Circular Bohemia Straw Bag is designed by a local NJ-based company called Inveniio, and handmade in Morocco. (I also have a limited edition Multicolor Sequin Moroccan Straw Beach Basket, the singular piece in my closet that sparks the most joy!) You can find similar versions of circular straw bags mass-produced by retailers like Free People, but there’s nothing quite like knowing about the story and maker behind a particular piece.

The circle straw bag trend is going strong into fall, but even though it’s the bag of the moment, it channels a nostalgic feeling from the past. And that’s what I love about fashion — nothing is new, everything comes back full-circle. See what I did there?

I don't reserve my straw bags just for the pool. Before leaving for Cape May, I already spent a day in town with this beauty on my arm… love dangling it at the crook of my elbow paired with a flirty cold-shoulder top, and I feel like a young girl again with a little secret. Come fall, I see myself wearing this bag with high-waisted wide leg trousers and a crop mock turtleneck. And always, dress up your bag by adorning it with a colorful tassel or vintage silk scarf — it's the easiest way to change the look to fit the season!

We’re going to squeeze out the last lingering bits of summer by the sea — here's hoping for all the beach sunsets, cotton candy skies, and fresh-from-the-ocean seafood. How will you close out your summer?

This post is in partnership with Inveniio. Inveniio ships worldwide.

Photography by Brit Godish.