Sunday Scaries Series: But Really, What’s Scarier than KonMariing Your Closet?

Welcome to Not A Rose Girl’s Sunday Scaries Series. This features the random happenings and musings from a stay at home mom’s end-of-weekend diaries (and the never-before-published photos from her camera roll), where she more often than not has grand plans to dump the kids on the Husb and run fake errands. How do you power through to Monday morning?

When it’s Sunday and a high of 29 degrees-but-feels-like-19, you know I’ll do anything to avoid leaving my house. Not even the desire to escape my children for a bit could get me to lace up my new winter boots (which are red plaid and v cute btw) and head out to run my fake errands. On the upside, terrifyingly cold weather that makes you want to stay in also makes going down the rabbit hole of Netflix possible, which is why, in an effort to stay focused and power through my Sunday Scaries until it’s time to go to bed, I eat and KonMari.

8:00 A.M.

My oldest must be mixed up about what day it is, because he came into our room to wake us up 30 minutes earlier than he’s allowed to on a weekend. I do my usual scroll-through Instagram from under the covers while I pretend to still be asleep. I learn from watching Alessandra’s stories that it’s snowing in New Jersey! But as I’m too lazy to get up and look out my window, I just admire the pretty dusting from her stories. First snowfall of the year, yay!

9:00 A.M.

I am feeling inspired to make a thoughtful breakfast. Weekends are the only days I have to put together a breakfast that does not consist of round cereal or the frozen variety. Today we had fresh croissants with melted cheese, eggs two ways (because No. 2 will only eat scrambled, and No. 1 will only eat a fried egg – but only with sautéed spinach and balsamic drizzle), and mixed berries.

10:18 A.M.

Takes 45 minutes to get three kids suited up to play outside for 20 minutes because it’s so cold. But they really want to get out and play, and seeing the happy looks on their faces makes me get excited! I obligingly put on my aforementioned new winter boots. They arm themselves with various big toy trucks to scoop and push snow. The snow plow Santa brought for RoRo this Christmas was a big hit (even though somehow big bro ended up taking over it).

11:30 A.M.

The cold wins and I head back inside for a little quiet time and to do some writing. The boys continue to play outside and the Husb takes down Christmas lights.

12:22 P.M.

Just kidding. More than 20 minutes, they last a whole hour outside! I do my mom thing and say they can’t have hot chocolate until they eat their entire lunch first. No complaints, no messing around. Never had a meal go over as easy as this one. (The exact opposite of our Friday night dinner where I flipped out on my kids. Don’t even ask, I’m trying to block it from my memory.) Must bribe with hot chocolate more often!


1:05 P.M.

While I clean up, the boys play for a few minutes before naptime. Max is giving free donkey rides (he’s the donkey) to his brothers. I look over from the kitchen and I see Atticus draped on top of Max, who’s crawling around on all fours lugging his baby brother like extra baggage. It’s adorable but terrifying at the same time.

1:26 P.M.

All three boys take a nap! Feeling like Supermom.

2:15 P.M

I begin my quest to #KonMari my life using Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up method. I’m only utilizing some aspects of it though, like her folding technique, which is a life-changer! On the other hand, I don’t need to throw every single item of clothing I own into a giant pile on my bed to realize I have a lot of stuff, and I don’t talk to my clothes before I decide to give it away.

3:42 P.M.

I head downstairs to take a break because I’m hungry again. I see the Husb has taken down our Christmas decorations, which is momentous for us (we’ve been known to keep our tree up until February once or twice). I eat a 4-bean salad with toasted rosemary bread, spread with crème fraiche. Also, a leftover pancake from yesterday’s American breakfast diner outing with Alessandra.

4:30 P.M.

I get back to Marie Kondo’ing my closet. So far, I’ve only tackled three shelves but hey, it’s progress. I’ve been texting with three different girlfriends today and swapping closet photos a la Marie Kondo. It’s kinda nice knowing that someone, somewhere is also KonMari’ing like you. Solidarity, even though it’s sinking in how much more I have to go! My hunch is that Marie Kondo’s technique to pile up all your clothes on your bed is really so that you are forced to commit to the process, and finish it. Ya know, cuz you might want to go to sleep on that bed at some point.

5:10 P.M.

I hear the Husb cursing. He broke a glass ornament from one of the boys’ mini Christmas tree which he was bringing downstairs. Now there’s glass on the stairs. I keep calm and carry on – with KonMari.

5:45 P.M.

The glass is finally cleaned up and I make it downstairs to start cooking dinner. The boys are playing donkey rides again, mixed in with a little “Let’s do yoga!” (or their version of it anyway, which is them hanging upside down from our couch), and Kapla blocks.

7:00 P.M.

We’re finally sitting down to eat dinner. I made a quick dinner that everyone approved of: spaghetti noodles dressed in a butter-crème fraice sauce, roasted carrots and chickpeas in turmeric, paprika and garlic powder, and baked tilapia in an herb basting oil. I must have scared RoRo straight on Friday night when I flipped out on him because he didn’t say one word about all the green stuff on the fish; in fact, he heavily complimented me on the meal!

7:40 P.M.

The surprise s’mores I make for dessert are a huge hit with the kids.

8:30 P.M.

Every kid is in bed, and now I’m armed with a bowl of pickles (not preggo, just #lovepickles) and I’ve set up a makeshift foot spa station by the side of my bed. My feet are soaking in a warm lavender salt soak while I Netflix and work. Is that a thing?

12:10 A.M.

Collecting all the entries from my RealEats giveaway. Getting ready to select a random winner tomorrow… stay tuned!!

12:22 A.M.

Just finished swooning, I mean watching, Sam Heughan in tonight’s episode of Outlander. He’s definitely on my celebrity ‘freebie’ list. What about you? Sweet dreams! xx