The Perfect Faux Leather Pants for F/W


Don't be worried for me, guys, if you see me wearing these faux leather leggings from Commando every single day in the winter. I promise I do own other pants, but why bother with those when THESE are pretty perfect in every single way? Extra warm, check. Sucks in your gut, check. Flattering, check. Badass, double check!

I’ve tried on a few brands of faux leather pants and leggings over the years, but never committed to any until now. These faux leather leggings are from Commando and they’re hands-down my fave. The biggest problem I have with faux leather is that it usually feels bulky, and therefore bunches up in unflattering places, like around the crotch and thighs. The other problem I have with most pants is that they’re usually too long on me. I’m barely 5’1” and the length on these leggings totally works for petites – I just fold them under about a half inch. These have a seamless fit all around. Trust me, they are the perfect fit.

When you first get these Commando faux leather leggings out of the box, you might take one look at the teeny waist and think, oh helllll no, how will I ever get these on? Somehow, this magical pair of leggings stretches to fit, but also snaps back to conform and hold everything in in just the right places. They have a matte shine, which is also very flattering because it’s not too glossy so you look good from all angles and in all types of lighting ;)

Bonus because the high waist also makes you look like you’ve got legs for days!

For an effortless everyday outfit, I usually tuck in a big sweater, but I’ll be sharing a dressier winter look with these faux leather leggings soon!