Uniqlo x Alexander Wang Stylish Activewear for Winter


I’ve always wanted to take a running photo and this outfit is pretty perfect for it, yea? I’m not gonna lie, athleisure is not really my thing, but I was at the boys’ soccer game this weekend when we snapped these photos which is why I look so uncharacteristically sporty. I’m wearing head-to-almost-toe in Uniqlo x Alexander Wang, a new series of HEATTECH from leading NY fashion designer Alexander Wang. The stylish high-waist leggings and shirt from the collection have a chic chevron ribbed design that make these pieces cool enough to wear on its own.

HEATTECH is Uniqlo’s lightweight innerwear that converts moisture from your body into heat, which make it perfect for winter without the extra bulk. And the Uniqlo x Alexander Wang collection injects an added dose of high fashion – I love the matte sheen and sleek fit of the HEATTECH Ribbed Crew Neck T-Shirt, it feels futuristic!

Btw, this post is not sponsored, I’m just a loyal customer of Uniqlo! Been wearing Uniqlo for 10 years, ever since my mom bought me my very first HEATTECH shirt to get me through my first Chicago winter – I still have that one (and wear it!), so that speaks volume to the long-lasting quality. Since then I’ve accumulated a few more Uniqlo HEATTECH innerwear staples, but I’m really loving this stylish new series by Alexander Wang that looks too good to be hidden underneath. I’m wearing these pieces today as activewear, but I can’t wait to style them up in an everyday look this winter!

How are you getting ready for winter? What are your fave pieces to wear to keep warm?