Bloggers Who Brunch + New Years Blogging Resolution


Happy holidays and (almost) New Year!

As some of you may know, I began my Not A Rose Girl blogging journey in May of this year. It was a passion project on the back burner for a long time coming – at least for the last two years that I can distinctly recount. For the last 8 years (and presently), I've worked as a professional freelance content creator for lifestyle bloggers and websites, and it felt time to use my voice for myself. I didn't always know my blog would be Not A Rose Girl in this exact iteration, but through the last 6 years of self-discovery trying to balance being a new mother with my former identity, Not A Rose Girl was born earlier this year out of a spirit to cherish our individuality and to redefine motherhood.

That's why today I'm really excited to highlight my first blogger event here in New Jersey, hosted by Karen Leano, the writer behind Paris and a Latte. The blogger brunch was held at the incredible Halcyon Brasserie in Montclair, perfect for our intimate crowd of 15 Instagramming lifestyle/fashion bloggers and influencers. Halcyon's sleek white marble tabletops mixed with cherry wood finishes, and mouth-watering bites of Farm Egg Flatbread and Oyster Gazpacho Shooters (to name just a few), delivered alllll the upscale American vibes. There was also a very memorable Shrimp & Grits with a zesty Creole sauce that was finger-licking good (really, I am that girl and proud of it) – I'm having craving pains thinking about this bite.


As we dined (and some "wined" on clever deconstructed Bloody Marys) and traded blogger horror stories, I was reminded that I wasn't on this blogging journey alone. The brunch was a reminder that I had a local network of incredible, supportive women right here in New Jersey and New York who are committed to lifting each other up – because, as I've learned over the years, community over competition is something that will always get you farther in life, ya know? Just that afternoon, Karen introduced us all to a local entrepreneur, Jessica of Aris Couture, who showed us her favorite winter and holiday trends from the boutique's collection, as well as her journey as a small business owner.

In the new year, I am setting goals to expand my blog readership and social media reach. I also want to connect with bloggers on a local level by attending more events. I went home that afternoon feeling so fortunate to have crossed paths with these lovely ladies and a renewed sense of inspiration for blogging as a creative career, a few surprise luxe goodies from Measurable Difference and Cayetano Legacy, and a happy belly. Now that's what I call a successful blogging day.

Take a peek at our blogger brunch below and don't forget to head over to these lovely ladies' blogs! 

(left to right): Karen -  Karen Ever After ; Jill -  Beautylicious Lifestyle ; Cristina -  Timeless Optimist ; Karen -  Paris and a Latte ; Kathleen -  Endlessly Elated ; Stacey -  Heels n Crumbs ; Sylvia -  Her Name is Sylvia ; Tanya -  Modern Mrs ; Jessica -  Aris Couture ; Ana -  Halcyon Brasserie

(left to right): Karen - Karen Ever After; Jill - Beautylicious Lifestyle; Cristina - Timeless Optimist; Karen - Paris and a Latte; Kathleen - Endlessly Elated; Stacey - Heels n Crumbs; Sylvia - Her Name is Sylvia; Tanya - Modern Mrs; Jessica - Aris Couture; Ana - Halcyon Brasserie


Photography by Davin Tes Photography.