Fall Trends to Wear Now, Layer Later


Ah, just thinking about how summer should get a speeding ticket!

As much as I love the warmth and glow of summer, it does excite me to think about fall dressing. But of course, as any Northeasterner will tell you, it does get tricky sartorially speaking, because of the various stages of our summer season here in NJ/NYC: there’s Summer, Hell’s Front Porch (100 degrees, ya’ll), False Fall (when you get a sudden spell of 60 degree temps), then Second Summer, and finally, Actual Fall. Right now, we’re in that Second Summer phase even though it’s September 2nd – the temps are still blazing hot outside so just the thought of sipping a Pumpkin Spice Latte is enough to make you break out in sweat. Thankfully, when I snapped these photos of my transitional summer-to-fall outfit, it was a cooler day. False Fall, ya know?

So what’s a seasonally-sane girl to do? We get clever, and try to compromise with creative styling hacks like turning button downs into temporary off-the-shoulder blouses or wearing oversized blazers over silky slip dresses. Naturally, since many places around the US are still plenty warm, I thought I’d pop in and lend my transitional styling tips (including how to create this faux off the shoulder look) to get you through this awkward period some call Second Summer. Let’s go!

Button downs // Dust off that button-down collar shirt and break it out for summer to fall. Wear now for summer by leaving the top few buttons undone, pulling the top off your shoulders – and don’t forget to tuck in the collar in the back! An easy peasy faux off the shoulder top! Wear later buttoned up for fall with a high-waisted denim for a sleek 70s look.

Oversized blazer // Wear it now over on-trend biker shorts or with a light-as-feather silk slip dress to keep you feeling cool, but still looking seasonally appropriate. Wear later for fall with your fav mini skirt and over the knee boots.

Power sleeves // Wear now especially if your power sleeves are in a sheer organza fabric – this trend will keep you feeling cool as a cucumber. Wear later for fall with sleek faux leather leggings or tailored trousers – voluminous on top, streamlined on bottom will give you that 80s vibe without looking like a bridesmaid-gone-wrong.

Printed shirt dresses // Wear now unbuttoned over a swimsuit as a cool pool coverup. Wear later for fall with opaque tights and ankle boots.

Wide legged denim // Wear now with a crop top or an oversized tee knotted at the front. Wear later for fall with a cozy cardigan tucked in and belted.

Utility jumpsuits // Wear a lightweight linen utility jumpsuit now with strappy sandals and a neon headscarf. Wear later for fall with a vintage scarf knotted around your neck and low ankle booties.

Tiger orange // Wear this bright and bold hue now for summer – perfect for making a summertime statement from rooftop shindigs to beachside hangs. While you can’t go wrong wearing vibrant orange in the summertime, this hot color will be everywhere for fall, paired with equally bright pink, as well as subdued neutrals.

How are you transitioning your summer to fall style? Let me know in the comments!

Wearing Zara high-waist jeans, DSW TOMS Poppy Sandal, old silk button up blouse

Wearing Zara high-waist jeans, DSW TOMS Poppy Sandal, old silk button up blouse